Round the World with TTNS…

Poster for The Thursday Night Show’s 2020 live music special

The Thursday Night Show started up in the summer of 2012. This month, we tick over into our ninth year of operations, to our collective great surprise. To celebrate our birthday, we seem to have put together a line-up of 20 hours of live music, starting in New Zealand and ending in California.

Probably the first time we’ve done a night with no DJs at all. Definitely the first time we’ve done a full Thursday Night around the globe. Longstanding ambition less than a week away. Bring a friend and help us to spread the word!

Details in flyer above and press release below.

NOT HEARD ENOUGH LIVE MUSIC IN 2020?? CHANGE THAT THIS THURSDAY!, a non-commercial community run Internet Radio Station operated entirely by amateurs, is reaching it’s 9th Birthday on July 9th!

TTNS (as it is known for short) has a group of more than 60 DJs and live music collectives from all over the world, who take it in turns every Thursday to entertain and provide eclectic programming and music with no commercial constraints.

It has long been a dream for the show to follow the sunset from the Pacific all the way around the world to the Pacific on Thursdays, and while we have managed to follow the sunset from Europe to California every week for 8 years, for this 9th birthday special we are not only going to make that dream come true, but we are ALSO going to do so with back to back LIVE MUSIC for 20 hours!

We have 22 live acts from New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, France, UK and across the US lined up to provide a round the world trip for those passionate about live music but who have been missing gigs and events during the recent pandemic lockdowns.

Coordinated from the UK TTNS has exploded in the past few months as the BBC, RTL and a number of other TV News Channels picked up on the Wednesday and Saturday ‘Social Distancing Dance Parties’ and we have also been supporting charities and community events providing our Thursday Night platform as a virtual ‘venue for hire’ complete with house DJs, AV crew and massive ‘Zoom parties’. It has been an awesome place to escape from the complications of the pandemic.

So to bring 2020 to a head, we are really really excited to be bringing 20 hours of live music to you.

Please join us, tell your friends and also please get in touch if you would like to get on on a Thursday or even do other events on our platform through the week! (or ‘’ for short!)

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